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September 10, 2009  
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  • Book Report

    Together, Alone: A Memoir of Marriage and Place
    Susan's new memoir is now available! In it, she tells the story of her marriage to Bill Albert, the life they have built together on their Texas homestead, and her efforts to strike a balance between the intimacy of marriage and the serenity of solitude. You can read the prologue and the first chapter, watch a trailer, click through an album of photos, and listen to some lovely music on the book's website.

    The Tale of Applebeck Orchard
    This is the big week for The Tale of Applebeck Orchard, the sixth book in the Cottage Tales mystery series, featuring Beatrix Potter. You can learn about the book here, read the Prologue, and order your very own copy! Personalized books make wonderful gifts, and Christmas will be here before you know it. (Your purchase of Susan's books, as always, supports the work of the Story Circle Network.)

    The Tale of Briar Bank
    Looking for paperback copies of The Cottage Tales? Book Five, The Tale of Briar Bank, is in your local bookstore and in online bookstores now. We are still able to obtain first-edition hardcovers, but the supply is limited, so if you'd like the book in hardcover, order it here. The audio narration of this series is available from Recorded Books, read by the utterly delightful Virginia Leishman. Ask your library to order, so others can enjoy these engaging readings.

    Cottage Tales Maps
    Did you know that downloadable color prints of the Cottage Tales maps are available at the website? These are the same helpful maps that appear in the book, but in full color! You'll find them on the Cottage Tales website at Village Maps.

    Out and About

    Susan will be traveling through Texas this fall. Check here to see if she'll be in your area.


    The extended severe drought has brought challenges to Meadow Knoll. Susan's online journal will keep you up to date on this difficult situation—and on the rain that she and her garden are hoping for this fall. Share her adventures at Lifescapes.

    All About Thyme

    If you haven't subscribed to Susan's free herbal eletter, All About Thyme, you're missing something totally unique and very special. You can read the latest edition and subscribe here.

    Herb Snips: Divide and Multiply

    It may be fall, but where the perennial herb garden is concerned, it's time to think spring. As cooler, damper weather approaches, check your garden for herbs that need to be divided. Some—mints, sorrel, chives, oregano—can be divided now, moving the divisions to a permanent location or into a cold frame. Mark others—Silver King artemisia, catnip, bee balm, tarragon—for spring division. Tag them now, before the first killing frost, so you can find them easily when spring comes.

    Read more herb snips.

    Together, Alone

    Click to read more about Susan's memoir, Together, Alone: A Memoir of Marriage and Place.

    Watch the trailer

    The Tale of
    Applebeck Orchard

    The Tale of Applebeck Orchard

    Join Beatrix Potter, the residents of Near Sawrey, and the animals of the Land Between the Lakes, as they band together to solve the mystery of Applebeck Orchard.

    Click to read more or to order the book.


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