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February 2006  

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    Book Report

    This is your absolutely last chance...
    to be featured in one of the Alberts' novels! As a fundraiser, the Story Circle Network is raffling off three opportunities for you to make a guest appearance in an upcoming book in a China Bayles, Robin Paige, or Beatrix Potter mystery. For details, go here: The three winners will be announced on Mystery Partners and the Story Circle websites on February 7.

    Book of Days Update
    We've posted two more entries on China's Herbal Book of Days website. For a taste of the herbal goodies to come (October is the publication date for Susan's long-awaited book of herb lore, cookery, crafts, and gardening), go here:

    "News From the Land Between the Lakes"
    If you're eagerly waiting for the next installment of Beatrix Potter's adventures in the Lake District, you don't have to wait until July (the publication date for The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood). The second issue of Susan's occasional newsletter about the life and times of Beatrix Potter and the Cottage Tale mystery series is now available on the website. To read it online or download and print, go here: Click on "News from the Land Between the Lakes."



    It's winter, and time to stay indoors. At MeadowKnoll, Susan is spinning all sorts of yarns (words and wool). To see what she's been up to, visit her blog: Please bookmark it, so you can return often. Or you can go to the website,, and scroll down the toolbar to "Crime Partners"—click on "Lifescapes."


    Out and About

    On Sunday, February 5, Susan will be speaking at Stories from the Heart, the third National Story Circle Women's Memoir Conference. If you can't join us for the conference, come for lunch on Sunday. Susan's topic: "Truth and Invention: When Strong Women Tell Tales." To more info and to register, go here:


    Herb Snips: Herbal Love Lore

    Valentine's Day is on the horizon, so you might want to brush up on your herbal love lore. For centuries, plants have been important to lovers, for a whole bouquet of reasons! Here are three you might not have thought of:
    • Honeysuckle. The scent of honeysuckle was thought to induce erotic dreams; hence, many parents forbade their daughters to bring it into the house.

    • Periwinkle. It was believed that people who ate periwinkle leaves together would fall in love. Another potion, less tasty: powdered periwinkle, houseleek, earthworms.

    • Bay. If you want to dream of your future lover, pin five bay leaves to the four corners and the center of your pillow, before you go to bed tonight. Be sure to repeat the traditional charm (it won't work if you don't): St. Valentine, be kind to me, in dreams let me my true love see.

    Want more herb snips? Go to


    Death on the Lizard
    Death on the Lizard

    What reviewers say about books by Robin Paige: "Eminently satisfying... intricate mystery. Delightful pair of sleuths. A wonderful sense of atmosphere and place." —Gothic Journal

    Go here to read more or to order the book:

    Bleeding Hearts

    Bleeding Hearts

    (Coming in April!)

    "Albert's dialogue and characterizations put her in a class with lady sleuths V.I. Warshawski and Stephanie Plum." —Publishers Weekly

    "The best of small-town Texas." —Library Journal

    Go here to read more or to order the book:

    Bored with Your Commute?


    Let China and Ruby liven up that deadly dull daily drive. Bloodroot has joined A Dilly of a Death, Indigo Dying, and Mistletoe Man in the Recorded Books rental catalog. For details, go to To see all four available books, type in the author's name.

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